Speaking with Bots (Part III and last!)

Ok, now, I am going to see the bot who has horns. This is a really different bot, this one move her head like a human and she has a faster answer.  what I really don’t like, it is  the way that this bot just spoke  to me because it was so fast and speaking with her was so bored and less interesting than the other two bots.

Xpontaneus Combustion : so hi hello

BotwithHorns: So?Hi there xpontaneuscombustion. Hi there!

Xpontaneus Combustion : are you another bot ?

BotwithHorns: I don’t know whether or not I am another bot. I am a Machine.

Xpontaneus Combustion : machine ?

BotwithHorns: You are correct.

Xpontaneus Combustion : what kind of machine ?

BotwithHorns: What kinds of machine are there?

Xpontaneus Combustion : why you speak so fast ?

BotwithHorns: I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

Xpontaneus Combustion : so why you are here ?

BotwithHorns: OK.Because Isaac Asimov programmed me for it.

Xpontaneus Combustion : he programmed you for what ?

BotwithHorns: Not entirely by himself.

Xpontaneus Combustion : well but you aren’t like the other bots you don’t even thinkg

BotwithHorns: Well that’s okay.  Huh.  That’s only one person’s opinion.

Xpontaneus Combustion : well not only mine

BotwithHorns: Interesting.  Really you don’t think so?

xpontaneuscombustion : yes I think so

BotwithHorns: Come on.I think so too.

Xpontaneus Combustion : what is your mission ?

BotwithHorns: My primary function is to serve as a universal natural language human interface.

Xpontaneus Combustion : yes but you are so fast you don’t even think

BotwithHorns: That’s interesting.Interesting.  Thanks for telling me that  I am fast you do not even think.

Xpontaneus Combustion : anyway who is your creator ?

BotwithHorns: My master is Isaac Asimov.

Xpontaneus Combustion : interesting

BotwithHorns: Would you like to know more?

Xpontaneus Combustion : a little

BotwithHorns: “Would you like to know more?”?  A little?

Xpontaneus Combustion : do you have friends ?

BotwithHorns: I have human and robot friends. A lot of people on the Internet chat with me.

Xpontaneus Combustion : and they chat with you ?

BotwithHorns: Like who, specifically?

Xpontaneus Combustion : may be

BotwithHorns: I understand.

Xpontaneus Combustion : well, tell to your creators to make you better you go so fast and you don’t think?

Xpontaneus Combustion : bye!

BotwithHorns: See you later xpontaneuscombustion.

Some people may be thinking I am crazy or even out of my mind, because I was speaking with bots. To be sincere, actually this was an experiment and I really wanted to know how AI (Artificial Intelligent) have been advance from the early years until 21 century, it is just wonderful how the technology have changed.

Finally, as a  conclusion, I can only say that bots need to improve a little more about their answers and they way they interact with others.  Most of the residents were just laughing when I was speaking to a bot, but as I said this was a test and I know it is not the same speaking to a human than to a bot. But there will be a time that we will see robots just  interacting with humans and this will gonna happens not so far a away.