An Assault Rifle that Shoots Landmarks ?

This is just ridiculous and also a really weird.  An assault rifle, just wanted to give me a landmark?. If you don’t believe me, here is the screen capture:

At the first time I receive this advice, I really didn’t read the message but I asked myself if this is a weapon that this resident wanted to share, or giving it to me as a present. So I have my doubts and I decide to talk with him in a private chat:

Xpontaneus Combustion : Sorry one quieston

Xpontaneus Combustion : One question

Xpontaneus Combustion : why are you giving weapons ?

Resident: im not giving nothing

Xpontaneus Combustion : sorry  A landmark

Xpontaneus Combustion : yes you gave to me a landmark

Xpontaneus Combustion : no worries I will avoid it.

After He told me that, I decide to read again the message and he was saying the true. The Riffle was  giving to me the landmark!. I just reject it, I don’t accept “freebies” or “gifts” for strangers or newbies, sometimes small boxes can come with unpleasant surprises. Be aware what you receive from residents but specially those you don’t know very well!, some of this stuff are really bad jokes.