“Noobs are unpolite”, but excuse me you were a noob too!

This is something I don’t like to hear from anybody but this happens all the time, drama always drama! (which I don’t like too). I have made a new friend and she teleports me to a place which I didn’t know about it,but as there were so much residents and as always so much lag then everything was loading slowy.

Later I could see her but I receive an IM from another avatar just complaining that I “Bumped her”. I don’t like to discuss or even I don’t want to fight but I just think it is too stupid because some Players take this game so serious like in Real Life and it shouldn’t be that way.

This resident I am speaking about is a really old one but also just complaining that “Noobs do that and they are unpolite” (well you need to correct your english it is IMPOLITE). I just don’t like when someone call newbies as “noobs”, becaus e it really sounds just degrading the players into the game.  I told  her that in the past she was a noob too and she mades the same mistakes. I will call this Resident  as “Grumpy Unfrendly Resident”:

GrumpyUnfrendlyResident : do not bump ppl, please

Xpontaneus Combustion : sorry

Xpontaneus Combustion : it was loading

Xpontaneus Combustion : 😦

GrumpyUnfrendlyResident : you better do not walk around while still rezzing

Xpontaneus Combustion : please oki

Xpontaneus Combustion : sorry

GrumpyUnfrendlyResident : only noobs do hat and very unpolite ppl

GrumpyUnfrendlyResident : that

Xpontaneus Combustion : how you know I am noob ?

Xpontaneus Combustion : I am not impolite just made a mistake like you

Xpontaneus Combustion : and you were a noob too so there is not exception

GrumpyUnfrendlyResident : I just told you not o bump ppl….and I said that walking before having rezzed usually is a habit of noobs or unpolite ppl

Xpontaneus Combustion : and I told you it was a mistake, everybody make mistake and you make mistake too when you were noob

Xpontaneus Combustion : see another just bump you right now

GrumpyUnfrendlyResident : I didn´t talk about what I have done X  years ago..

Xpontaneus Combustion : yeah but you call newbies as “noob”. And you were a noob too

Xpontaneus Combustion : that’s my point

GrumpyUnfrendlyResident t: ok…I do not want to quarrel…I will mute you

Xpontaneus Combustion : me too just next time be polite and not be so be unfriendly

Xpontaneus Combustion : your childish behaviour don’t make you better bye!

Today’s lesson, if someone bump on you don’t take it so seriously, I mean everybody can just make a little mistake.  Enjoy your time in here and for one minute just remember this is the metaverse and everything here is just “virtual” not “real”.  For all residens specially for old ones, try to understand that newbies don’t know so much about this things and they need is help not someone screaming.