Phoenix with Mesh and without Mesh ? what it is about ?

Last time, I went to phoenix’s viewer blog, but  I  saw a title that says “So why we quiet” after I read a few lines, I just found something really interesting and here is a screen capture from their blog:

I am surprised about this change, it is because  I have hear before that  Phoneix with Mesh, it was a rumour and I thought that they would leave, forget  or even stop the development of it to continue with FireStorm Viewer (which is their own version of Sl Viewer 2.2 or 3 with mesh support). What I understand  now is that Phoenix Viewer will be extended a little bit more but after they will drop completely.

I always test other three different SL viewers (while I am using Phoenix as my main) and they are Second Life Viewer, Imprudence and Singulatiry. I have been checking Singularity Viewer webpage and I read that they will have support for Mesh too. BUT and yes this is a big BUT, for those who run Phoneix on an old hardware, this new would not be so good and here’s why:

This is just an advice for those who are waiting the next version of Phoenix with Mesh support and what this means, it will not run an old hardware if it doesn’t have support for SSE2, any way there will be another last version of Phoenix without Mesh support. I don’t mean that those who run an old hardware have to buy a new computer (many residents can’t afford that and I can understand), they are just giving an advice that this version of phoenix will require a faster computer with SSE2  capable computer.

For those who we use Phoenix, we need to understand that it will not be forever and it is not eternal, here two a statements speak  about it:

With this statement, it is clear that the support to Phoenix is comming to finish one of this days but it doesn’t mean this is the end, why ? well because as the code of phoenix is open source, then who knows ? may be someone would like to continue developing!.