Be aware of some “Groups”, they will charge you if you say “Yes” !

Groups are one of the common things that you can find on Second Life and actually, if you are going to play some  kind of game like vampires, fighting or roleplay then you will need to join a group. There are so many kind of them, but not only about games, you can find groups that are about anything (even some really weird groups).

I really don’t  like groups and usually I just join a few (if I can find something interesting) for fun or some friend’s group. The main problem that they have it is because they are full of drama!.  Yeah, you will see that in them a few residents come and began to complain about what ever they want and even they show to everybody that “I have a problem”. But that’s not the only thing, other residents can come to groups and spam with products, advertisment or offers. 

Most of the groups are free but there are a few groups that can charge you for a membership. Before to do that (to join a group)  it is always recommemded that you read  the details of the group and that you speak with their members for more information and doubts that you can have. Here is a example of a group which charge for a membership:

Recently, I have met somebody and he spoke to me about his group but what he didn’t mention is they charges for a membership (I knew this because I have seen the information on his profile) before I join them. And I am just giving this an advise to those who likes to say “yes” to that others give to them (be aware what you receive, it can be a disgusting  surprise), specially newbies or new commers just stay alert. And always I said don’t trust to somebody at first time, sometimes friendship just takes time like RL. Well here is the talking with this guy and his group:

Xpontaneus Combustion: Hi hello

Xpontaneus Combustion: one question are you a bot ?

Resident: how do you do xp

Resident: i am not

Xpontaneus Combustion: fine

Xpontaneus Combustion: ah ok

Xpontaneus Combustion: sorry I was thinking you are a bot for the label on your avatar

Resident: no worries

Xpontaneus Combustion: what is this group about ?

Xpontaneus Combustion: I am just curious

Resident: in SL, it is an intellectual discussion group that i run. we have daily topics on a variety of subjects (e.g., politics, science, philosophy, art, morality)

Resident: on the web, it is a RL dating website for those who like to think

Xpontaneus Combustion: but just to speak about diferent subjects ?

Resident: correct. for example, this is today’s topic (i send them out daily). you can find past daily topics at http:// (website not showed).

Xpontaneus Combustion: AH ok I see, like interchange knowledge

Resident: indeed

Xpontaneus Combustion: a group where you discuss diferent subjects that’s interested

Resident: yes – and sometimes members from the website write articles and then they are posted to their profiles. we discuss those too

Xpontaneus Combustion: I mean, one day do you speak about one subject

Resident: (they get free memberships when they do that)

Xpontaneus Combustion: other day another subject

Xpontaneus Combustion: etc….

Resident: correct

Xpontaneus Combustion: this is like those groups where someone speaks about books or movies

Resident: effectively, yes

Xpontaneus Combustion: ah yeah sounds interestings

Resident: we do them twice/day – at 12 PM SLT and 7 PM SLT

Xpontaneus Combustion: but it is also a group for dates as you say ?

Xpontaneus Combustion: I mean group dates or just partners ?

Resident: correct – on the web. but it’s not directly linked to the SL group

Xpontaneus Combustion: yes I see that

Resident: no, not group dates

Resident: effectively, they are both places where people go to find others who like to think

Xpontaneus Combustion: ah yeah

Xpontaneus Combustion: one in RL and one on SL

Xpontaneus Combustion: that’s interesting

Resident: correct, but SL isn’t for dating

Resident: (well, i know people get together in the group, but they don’t have to have profiles on the RL website for that)

Xpontaneus Combustion: but anyway people can meet also on the web ?

Resident: glad you think so Resident: correct

Xpontaneus Combustion: I mean like do you have chat or something else ?

Resident: not everyone on the web is part of SL, and vice-versa

Xpontaneus Combustion: yes I know this is complete different

Xpontaneus Combustion: can’t be mixed

Resident: yes, we have group chat with a relay to the website

Xpontaneus Combustion: ok, I see. Must be interesting for people who is in universities, libraries, etc…..

Resident: we have people from all walks of life. it’s not just educators, and it’s not about how high your IQ is. it’s just for people who like to think, like to learn, like to explore…

Xpontaneus Combustion: interesting, I am just a newbie about this subjects

Xpontaneus Combustion: but anyway just last question

Resident: well, then perhaps you would learn a lot

Xpontaneus Combustion: what is the main objective of this group ?, to make dates or to improve the knowledge of people ?

Resident: both, and then some

Xpontaneus Combustion: ah ok and what is that some ?

Resident: most people don’t like to engage their minds – we do

Xpontaneus Combustion: sorry I am just curious Xpontaneus Combustion: Ok I get it.

Resident: from our group charter: (webpage is not showed)

Xpontaneus Combustion: it is interesting

Xpontaneus Combustion: Ok, I have to leave thanks for the links, I will think about it.

Resident: yw

After we finished to talk he just sent to me a request to join his group but as I read that the group charge a fee to join I just declined!