Never Trust in Strangers, Even on the Metaverse!

This is a something everybody should care on every place (even in here). Some people just feel secure to stay at home to be surfing on the internet, chatting or even doing anything else like log in a metaverse but as I always, every place is safe if you just if you take care and you know what you are doing. I always tell to newcomers or newbies to not give personal info or to not trust in all people just because there are good one but also a bad one. And yes that’s true, that there are some rascals.

As the saying “Curiosity Killed the Cat”, well this is what always happens when some one opens a box from a stranger or when someone access to accept any “gift” from people who you don’t know, even sometimes you receive any other strange object. Just be aware what you receive from others because even could be not only a joke, could be illegal material or something that would give a really bad joke.

Recently I read from another blog, how one of this vandals just could access an account from a resident, just offering an access to a fake sl web page and then later he could optain the user’s account login an password, but not only this happened, this thief was asking to The Resident to give 2000 lindens to get back her account and password. As I said before to everybody on the metaverse DONT GIVE PERSONAL INFO, DONT GIVE EMAIL, PASSWORD OR ANYTHING ELSE to people you don’t know and even no one from linden labs or any other company  THEY WILL NEVER ASK YOU INWORLD YOUR EMAIL, PASSWORD OR REAL LIFE INFO!. I will show just a part of the chat so you can see how this evil person was dealing with the other resident:

Resident One: what is that ?

Resident One: its afk page

Resident Two: yes

Resident Two: i change your pass

Resident Two: your old one was xxxxxxx

Resident Two: if you log out now

Resident Two: you will never log i again

Resident Two): if you want your avatar back give me 2000 l*

Always when this things happens the best way is to contact the tech support of the company and explain the situation (better if you can do by phone or a chat system), just because they can manage in a better way and also they can lock your account for a while so the thief can’t access again. And if someone gave to you a webpage of “Wonderful Objects” for SL or any other “Cool web link” just think two or three times to do it. Be warned and don’t trust to anybody on the metaverse, as in the real life don’t trust in stranger at the first time!.