Sometimes “small objects” or “small gifts” can have big bad surprises!

Here comes again  and this happens over and over, another resident just got a banned, because one idiot gave to him a “gift” or a small “present”. And I don’t doubt he was innocent, usually those who gave this “gift”, “box” or what ever you wanted to call, it can have a big bad surprises. Most of the time those users that do this very unpleasant jokes are called “Griefers” and in some way are just Residents who wants to ruin other’s residen’s enjoyment on the metaverse.

As I said in the last post, don’t trust in stranger at first time, you really don’t know who is behind the avatar, friendship just takes time. And speaking about “boxes” or “small gift” let me tell you something, that this small objects can be tramps that when you opened, they  can do a spam attack or a script attack to a sim and even can make some SL viewers to get crash or out of the metaverse. If you really care about your avatar or your account, then be carefull what you open or what you get from another resident next time if you crash a sim you could get this letter from lindens lab:

This email is notification that Linden Lab has terminated
your access to the Second Life virtual world due to severe
or repeated violations of the Second Life Terms of Service
or Community Standards. Your (account name ‘xxxxxxxx
xxxx’) and alternate Second Life accounts have been made
permanently inaccessible.

Violation: Terms of Service: Global Attacks
Actions that broadly interfere with or disrupt the Second
Life community, the Second Life servers or other systems
related to Second Life cannot be tolerated in any form.

Appeal Process: The decision to terminate your Second Life
access was reached after investigation of your use of the
Second Life software and service. If you would like to
appeal your termination, you may contact Second Life
Support, by opening a new support ticket with a subject of
“abuse appeal,” or in writing, at the address below:

Attn: Account Reviews: Appeals
Linden Lab

Please provide relevant information that you believe would
explain the above violation.  Linden Lab reserves sole
discretion in considering whether to take any action on a
written appeal.


Customer Support
Linden Lab

So next time you get a “small box” or a “small gift”, before to opened just think two or three times what could be inside of it. Be careful and be aware of this objects!.