Phoenix viewer with mesh support is here!

Finally the developers of Phoenix Viewer had made one version of this popular viewer with mesh support, thanks to Henri Beauchamp . Here are some screenshots from their webpage:

I am so happy, I can use phoneix for a meanwhile because there is not other viewer that fits to my needs (but I am still looking for a good viewer with mesh support). Anyway, make sure that your hardware would be supported because as I said in other post that this version of Phoenix was made for an special pc hadware that should require SSE2 (just remember if you have an very old pc this version of phoenix will not work). It can be possible that this will be the lastest version of Phoenix Viewer as the developer make clear and you can read about:

I would like to congratulate all of you and  my most infinite thanks for this version of phoenix and I know that all of you  have worked very hard to bring this. To all of you thanks a lot!