Cloud Avatars in OpenSim, Possible Problem and How it Can be Fixed.

Before someone anyway will begin to read this post, I want to make clear that this will be one of my longest, I found so much information about Cloud Avatar in Opensim, so  I decided to add all this information in here but also i don’t give any kind of tech support or any support on different grids, I just added this information because it worked on my problem and I wanted to share with the opensim grids users.

Usually, I spent some of  my free time doing some test on different Sl Viewers with different metaverses (specially testing them on Second Life grid but also other opensim grids related). One of the most common  problems that I have found, it is about the well known “cloud avatar”, which make you look like a  little white smog or a white cloud.

This is very uncomfortable just because you don’t see yourself and sometimes, also other  residents can’t see you. As it is a common problem in SL and it is easy to fix (well depends on the case but usually it can be fixed) but in Opensim it is harder task and even if you are in a standalone sim (running opensim in your own computer with your own server) this can be very annoying, because what ever you do,  like cleaning cache, do a character test or even force params to default most of the time this will not work.

If you try to repair The Cloud Avatar in OpenSim with cleaning cache, character test and force params to default, most of the times  it will not work, repairing the cloud avatar in opensim seems to be harder to do than SL but I found a useful method that can be helpful.

But the main problem of The Cloud Avatar in OpenSim it isn’t on the platform, the problem just happens with the viewer we are using to log in opensim. If you change or use so different viewers like Phoenix, FireStorm or even Imprudence there could be a problem later with the avatar, specially when you are  two diferents versions of a viewers like V1 or V2, it is recommended just to use one viewer to log in opensim (specially V1) so The Cloud Avatar problem no appear  again.

When I had the problem with The Cloud Avatar in Opensim Stand Alone (a few days ago), I began to look again on google what could be causing the cloud avatar and how to fix it, because when you look like a simple small white cloud is not nice. After some deep search in diferent webpages I found something in opensim forums but this is a post of a user that get on my attention:

I really don’t think that Phoneix  corrupt the MySql database but there is more information  about The Cloud Avatar in Opensim from another osgrid user, but if you look at here may be this is what may be  happened:

“I’m fairly sure it’s a viewer-side affect. I first logged in to the OS Grid shortly b4 the 1.20 SL viewer came out. Upon upgrading to 1.20 to access OSGrid I never could get out of being a cloud so I went back to the 1.19.1(4) viewer.Have barely the graphics capability on any of my machines to truly appreciate the high end rendering of the newest viewers anyway. I think you can probably put a skin and shape on if one alters appearance using the option under Edit… Appearance….
seems I remember not being able to click on my cloud shape to put on any skins/shapes
Unfortunately there are no “stock” avatars in teh Library”

The first thing that everybody needs to make clear is that Phoenix and other viewers don’t corrupt the MySQL database. Both viewers store the inventory information in a diferent way  in the database server. Every SL or third parties viewers have new changes and new options to make them better (or worse XP). So if you use the same viewer to connect on SL and Opensim there shouldn’t be any problem but for example if you use two different viewers like Phoenix Viewer, Imprudence or Firestorm on Opensim then information in that is on the database will be stored different. Let’s see this with an example, an avatar that I use on opensim standalone and I change the clothes or outfit just using another viewers  (I will log the same account using  Firestorm, Dolphin Viewer 2.0 and CoolViewer):

This is the Hippo Avatar I am wearing in  FireStorm V3, as you can see it looks as a normal but if  log out and I log to another viewer like CoolViewer V1 and I change complete the outfit and I logout again but

When I came back to a V2  looks what happens:

The avatar don’t load like that outfit I am  wearing n Cool Viewer V1.5, its a incomplete avatar and this is the first one I created in Firestorm V3,  As you can see the outfit information in different viewers are store in a different way on the database server.

With this example I hope that everybody, can understand what I am trying to say because when you log to opensim grids using different viewers so many times then one of this days you could be an “Cloud Avatar”, which is very annoying being cloud in the metaverse but also not a easy to repair (if you don’t know what to do) than in Second Life.

Right now I want to show some information that I found again in osgrid forums where they explain how the cloud avatar can be fixed (which it really works for me), I think this is the easiest way and it should repair everybody’s cloud avatar problem (This tips are for experienced users, if you are a new one then ask for help, I don’t take any responsability misuse of this):

“-Create a new folder in your inventory
-Create new shape, skin, eyes and hair (important that you make all 4 wearables) in that folder
-Right click the folder and select ‘Replace Outfit’

That should restore your avatar, then you can change back into your regular wearable.”

Here I show in one screenshow only the last step:

With this easy steps your avatar should be normal again,  anyway I don’t know if this works 100% in all cases, if this didn’t work on your avatar then you should contact your opensim grid provider and ask them for some help about it. Visit their forums, their chat or even may be sent a email to them and I am sure they will be glad to help you!.