Linden Labs New Advanced Experience Tools for Linden Realms

I have seen this information when I logged my account in the Second Life webpage, Linden Labs is preparing new advance experience tools for Linden Realms. Right now there is a preview of this tools, I made a little resume of this article:

“Teleport Agent

The first tool we added was Teleport Agent, a new LSL call that allows scripts to teleport agents to a particular SLURL or local position. A clear application of this call is to replace the “teleport” workarounds that many of you have had to implement over the years for your directories and “teleport pads.”

Experience Permissions
The Experience Permissions system is an expanded and simplified version of our current permissions system. Once a user grants permission to an experience, any object associated with that experience has the permission to control that user.

More importantly, these permissions span multiple regions, scripts, and objects. This will allow you to create cross-Second Life experiences with one simple request.”

At it seems that there is more to come:

“We have produced a number of other tools and prototypes to support more rich content creation that we look forward to releasing.  

In parallel to the rollout of these tools, we will be launching a Professional Creators Program. This program will provide members with helpful resources, such as tutorials and exclusive closed betas. More information will become available in the next few months.”

“New tools are comming to Linden Realms to enrich content creation experience, they will launching a special Professional Creators Program”