Sailing to Another Oceans: Osgrid and Inworldz

Well,  I want to try the most extreme sides of a coin. First, yes I am going log  to Osgrid but also I will be logging on Inworldz too. But why I have taken this desition ?, currently I want to see how diferent are both grids than SL. What kind of residents I can meet in there and what kind of new experiences I can have.

But why Osgrid and Inworldz ?,  even they don’t have so much users like SL, they do have an interesting quantity of users but also Osgrid is a opensource project while Inworldz is a commercial grid so that’s the main difference while the use (as I known) the same technology which is Open Simulator. Here is a little information about both of them (extracted from their websites):

InWorldz: is a Virtual World initially based off the OpenSim software. Efforts however, are being made to move past this source code and becoming closer to the Second Life standard for working improvements.

Osgrid: Osgrid is the Open Source Grid which is powered by  the Open Simulator. OSgrid Inc. is a California Non-profit Public Benefit Corporation.”

Here is a little more info of both grids:

Osgrd Users and Regions:

Users: 74073

Regions: 8035


Inworldz Users and Regions:

Users: 53600

Regions: 906

As we see the number of users and regions are so different, Osgrid has more regions and more users even they are a  open source metaverse. I think that they are  bigger than Inworldz, because Osgrid enable to anyone to have a sim just with an internet connection and one computer.

“Osgrid mainscreen on a Third Party SL Viewer”

Speaking about the connection with both grids, I began to use an standard V1 Sl Viewer on this case I was using CoolViewer 1.24. with Osgrid and Inworldz. I didn’t have any problem using Cool Viewer with Osgrid, while it was the oppositive with Inworldz which became a little bit unstable and even I had problems loading my inventory. I got a error message (which I will speak about in another post) when I wanted to teleport myself to another region: “Inconsistent Attachment State”.

“Inworldz mainscreen on a Third Party SL Viewer”

I couldn’t understand why when i logged to Inworldz became so unestable, so I was thinking to use another viewer as Phoenix but I had my own doubts if this will work, I decided to look again on the web searching some information when found this:

“The InWorldz server seems to have no idea what the proper attachment point is, or cannot render it there. I believe they have implemented the new attachment features in a way that is not backwards-compatible with existing servers, and only works with new servers (perhaps only SL servers) that can handle the new way. That means Phoenix is currently incompatible with InWorldz and will screw up your attachments. I highly recommend that nobody use Phoenix on InWorldz until such time as I can get a chance to debug this and find a way to put in some defensive code in the IW server to prevent Phoenix from damaging IW attachment points. “

“This is the main region of Osgrid where all the residents come at the first time”

Phoenix and CoolViewer use the same codebase of V1, and this is why Inworldz became so unstable. I don’t have any problem to use another viewer with both grids and in this case I choosed AstraViewer which is a fork of Singularity.

“And this is the main region of Inworldz where all the residents arrive at the first login”

One interesting thing I found in both grids, it is about how friendly  and helpful are residents but they have something really important, they don’t charge for uploads like files or objects. They have freebies which it is really important too. From this momemt, all my post will be extended to three grids: Osgrid, Inworldz and SL. This is going to be a really good experience!.