Inworldz : Inconsistent Attachment State

I got this error message when I was using Cool Viewer on Inworldz, so I decided find some information about this problem and what it is. I just wanted to make a post about, just because some residents could have some information of what it is and what to do.

The main definition of “Inconsistent Attachment State” is about, a problem that you may have with your attachments. This means that they are not registered properly with the server, but when teleport to another region then it wouldn’t be accepted (I tried without attachments and it was the same problem). Here’s some information:

“Related in frequency to “Teleport Strips Avatar” Clothing and Attachments bug. Since teleporting or walking across a border from one sim to another sim on a world grid of many servers usually results in the avatar being stripped of some attachments or clothing textures, a constant normal procedure is for the avatar to replace or re-wear a complete change of outfit after arriving in a new sim. An observed relationship: The more body attachments or complexity of linked prim sets, the more often the “Teleport Strips Avatar” occurs.”

I asked myself why I have this issue in Inworldz but not in Osgrid ?, Again I look for answers on the net. It cames from the Opensim Developers:

“Features & bug fixes:

– I decided to disable the code that allows an inconsistent attachment state to prevent teleport or region crossing. There may be some issues with attachments but it seems better not to force the user to relog. The errors are still reported on the console. Work continues to track down why an inconsistent state between data structures arises (9c32b13).
– I fixed an issue where attachments on an NPC would disappear if the avatar they were originally cloned from then removed those attachments (bd5d2cb).
I made a change so that OSSLteleport functions are now performed on a separate thread rather than the scripting thread. This allows scripts in attachments to successfully execute those functions (08bd162).”

What I can say about this issue and how I fixed ?, well … It was easy but I have to change my viewer. I was thinking to use cool viewer as my main for Osgrid and Inworldz, but as It didn’t work with Inworldz. I just changed to another one called as “Astra” which is a fork of Singularity. As an Advice if you want to try other grids like Inworldz, then don’t use V1 viewers like Phoenix or CoolViewer. They will not work, you should use Imprudence, Singularity, Astra or any other.