How to Fix Cloud Avatar in Osgrid

BEFORE you are going to do this, if you are a beginner user and you don’t know what are you doing, then DONT!, it is better if you contact osgrids maintainers by group forum or an Osgrid advance user, I don’t take any responsability for misuse!. This is for osgrid advanced users or people who know so much about opensim grid.  I make clear, don’t do it if you don’t know what are you doing!

So let’s begin:

I just discover this option when I was in osgrid main sim. So here’s a screenshot:

For those who cannot repair the cloud avatar inworld, there’s is a way to do it on Osgrid Website, just follow this steps:

1- Go to osgrid webpage (, then find the second option that says “login”. Log into the webpage:

2 – Now, that you are in the osgrid website, look for “account” and find “Purge Apareance” (this step is for repair the cloud avatar):

Then you will see this message:

I wish to have my avatar’s appearance purged (please be sure you’ve logged into the website first). 

After clicking this button, your avatar’s appearance (skin, shape, attachments, etc.) will be reset. Your skins, shape, attachments, etc., will still be in your inventory, you’ll just need to re-wear them on next login.

following this message there is a button says “Purge My Appareance” (after you press this button you must log off osgrid and loging back your avatar will be reset as a default).

With all this small steps, you should have back your avatar as a default (Ruth is the default avatar), now you just need to wear all your stuff again!. Btw this only work in osgrid, I don’t know if there are any other opensim grid with this tool.