There is Here!

This is about another very old virtual world that used to compete with SL, but after sometime they just close the services. Ok let’s begin with some information and history (extracted from wikipedia):

” There is a 3D online virtual world created by Will Harvey and Jeffrey Ventrella. There Inc. was founded in the spring of 1998. Closed beta began in July 2001, with various stages of beta following, and ending with an October 2003 launch date. On March 9, 2010 – one week after the announcement of its closure on March 2, 2010 – shut its doors to the public.


In June 2004, There Inc. went through a restructuring and announced major layoffs. In April 2005, There Inc. announced that the commercial side of the company would be branching out to form two companies: Forterra Systems (the government-contracted client) and Makena Technologies (the commercial client).

In 2006, Makena Technologies announced a partnership with MTV Networks to provide the technology platform for their virtual worlds which include Virtual Laguna Beach, The Virtual Hills, Virtual Pimp My Ride, Virtual Real World, Virtual Newport Harbor, Virtual VMAs (Video Music Awards), Virtual Kaya, Virtual Rob and Big and Virtual Life of Ryan. Makena Technologies also has a partnership with Trilogy Studios.
Corporate brands that had a presence in included Coca-Cola, CosmoGIRL!, Humane Society of the U.S., Capital Music Group, Paramount Studios, bebe, NaCo USA, K-SWISS, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Nike, Levi’s, and Scion.

In 2008, Makena Technologies launched ThereConnect, allowing members to showcase their in-world profiles, skills, groups and upcoming events on their Facebook pages. They also announced ThereIM, a lightweight instant messaging client where users can communicate with other members’ avatars, whether or not they are signed into the virtual world.


There was a venue for socializing with less role-playing than is typically found in MMORPGs. Billed on its homepage as “…an online getaway where you can hang out with your friends and meet new ones…”, There defines itself as a service providing a shared experience that allows people to interact in an online society. The virtual world offers a PG-13 environment with built-in filters to block profanity and abusive users.

Each new member entered the community by choosing a unique name and a male or female avatar. The avatar’s name and gender were permanently set, but various attributes such as hair color and style, head and body shapes, skin and eye color, clothing, etc. could be changed as desired. Through their avatars, members communicated in real-time using emotions, body language, text chat and voice to express themselves.

Members of could participate in activities such as racing vehicles, playing cards, flying, designing homes, playing paintball, hoverboarding and training virtual pets. There was also access to special interest groups devoted to topics including recreation, business, the environment, education and the arts.

They are opening doors again and their webpage is online, all the old user can go back again but for those who want to give a try then you can create a new account. Just go to :, I hope that all of you will enjoy it!

“There is Here!”