SL: Isn’t it a Game or Is it a Social Game?

I found this article in Dummies ( webpage, which I would like to speak about:

“Second Life: It’s Not a Game

Want to make a bunch of Second Life users mad really quick? Call Second Life a game. Although it looks like a video game similar to World of Warcraft or The Sims, Second Life (SL) isn’t a game. In SL, you don’t level-up, complete missions, or earn new armor. So exactly what do you do in Second Life? Well, you live a second life. Anything you can do in real life (from washing dishes and buying a house to getting a job and getting married), you can do in SL.

So “Second Life is not a game it is a social network”, btw I would not take mad really quick if you call Second Life as a game, I will always consider Second Life as a game and not social network or may be I could call it as a Social Game. But why?,  where in the world have you seen that residents can get married, have virtual babys or other things.

Because SL isn’t a game, the folks who use it don’t refer to themselves as players. Instead, the people who inhabit the SL world are residents.

Is SL isn’tt a game ?, again I think Second Life is a GAME or a Social Game. I would say that yes we are residents but we are players too.

There are games in SL, though. You can play poker, golf, baseball, pool, or any other real-life game you can imagine. There are also games unique to SL, such as Slingo, which is a bingo-like game first created by a SL resident and now available on many other platforms. You can also participate in role playing games as a vampire, werewolf, postapocalyptic scavenger, or whatever else your role-playing heart desires.

Yes, there are so many kind of games inside another game which is Second Life. Even now, I have hear that even you can play RPG, Bingo and even Blowing. There are so many kind of distractions but even Linden Labs created a new game called as “Linden Realms”.

Most people with an Internet connection have at least heard of social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. These Web sites let you connect with people with whom you have something in common and might enjoy talking to, and Second Life isn’t much different. You’ll be able to join groups centered around hobbies, affiliations, nationalities, and other interests. You’ll also be able to make friends with people who are interested in similar things, thus building your own social circle in Second Life, which means you’ll always have someone to hang out with.”

Well, there is a big different between MySpace, Facebook and Second Lfe. Second Life is a Metaverse or a Virtual World, you can have direct speaking to another person using chat or mic. Facebook is only a text chat, while Second Life is direct mic speaking but also you can give a virtual hug to somebody else. Is Second Life not much different ?, well IT IS REALLY DIFFERENT. You can have a virtual house, pets, make friends, etc… There is something that you cannot find in those social networks and Second Life. In Second Life you can build your own world and your own avatar, and that’s something you cannot do in any other social network.

As I always say, SL is a game and some people get so serious virtual world. Just remember, don’t take so it seriously or you will hurt yourself. Enjoy the game thats all!. But also when you go to SL it is in your own responsabilty and nobody is responsable of your own acts.