A Simple Viewer: Radegast

As I have been researching some advance viewers like Phoenix, Firestorm, Astra, etc… I have found one simple viewer very useful that use on one laptop which doesn’t have the graphics capabilities like my main laptop (I have 2 laptops that I use for different things).  This viewer is called as Radegast, I discovered about it when I found a resident using it in a sim and I decided to test it too.

Here are some details:

Radegast is feature rich GUI client. With it’s full support for all communication within a virtual world (chat, IM, group IM, friends conference) it’s ideal for situations where full 3D client is less than ideal solution, for example, an office environment, too slow a machine and similar.

It’s written using libopenmetaverse, and it runs on any platform that supports .NET/mono. Its being actively tested on Windows and Linux.

The features of this viewer:


  • Chat (local, IM, group, friends conference)
  • Inventory (allows manipulation, deletion of the items, moving them around, sending to other people by dropping item on their profile)
  • Ability to wear/take off clothes and attachments from the inventory
  • Backup of all scripts and notecards from the inventory
  • World map
  • Object finder – list objects nearby, sort them by distance, name, see details
  • A.L.I.C.E AI chat – turn it on in tools menu and have fun with automatic responses to chat/IM generated by a built in Artificial Intelligence
  • List of all avatars in a region (radar), and those within 300m in nearby regions
  • Movement controls
  • Support for activating gestures from the inventory
  • Avatar appearance – others using 3D client will see you appear correctly, and will not be able to tell that you’re using a text client
  • Streaming music
  • Accessibility improvements for blind and visually impaired SL’ers
  • Text-To-Speech for reading out loud incoming messages
  • Speech recognition for controlling UI and entering text in chat
  • Experimental voice support for local chat
  • Partial RLV support
  • Manipulation of object contents, notecard and script editing
  • Group management
  • On Windows, support 3D view of in-world objects
  • In-world sounds

I found this viewer as very simple to use, I just use it for chat and not any other task (like building). This program can be useful for those who have a less powerful 3d graphics computer. I would suggest this program for those want to be in touch to their friends on the metaverse, but not to enjoy the wonders of the virtual worlds. Radegast can be used in Second Life or Opensim. For more information go to: http://www.radegast.org.