Died Playing a Game: How Far Can Go Someone For Game Addiction ?

This is a true history and  something that we must learn from it. This is a new  appear a couple of days ago*:

After 72 hours straight of staying in front of the computer, The Man suffered a heart attack. The one who found him dead in his apartment was a co-worker, who was worried that The Man didn’t arrive to work.

The Man who died while playing a game was having a sedentary life and had weight problems, even though his friends were encouraging him to exercise more and the company he was working for even offered a free gym membership.”

What I want  to raise awarness about how beign 24 hours in front of the computer is not sane. This is a history of a guy who was playing a very popular game, he died after the third day of playing this game (72 hours playing a game).

I always  heard people just complaining about that “This company is guilty of my addiction”, well …. the true is that no company is guilty of your own addiction.

Let’s get some examples of what I want to speak about:

– When you smoke a cigarrette, is the cigarrette guilty that you damage your health?

– When you eat fastfood like hamburgers, hotdogs, etc… are them guilty that you get fat and you damage your heart ?

– If you buy a game and you play the game 24 hours, is the game guilty of your own addiction ?

These are some of the examples…. but there are more like this one: “I loss my marriage and my friends thanks to this company”. As we are humans beigns most of the time, we don’t recognize our own faults.  If you get addicted to a game, cigarrette or anything then  do something to avoid it. Listen to your family and listen to your friends, get help if they think you need it. Sometimes, you think you are right but the true is that you can be wrong, think twice about the consequences of addiction

* Name of the person is not shown for respect and to respect his family privacy.