Chat : 10200000 Invitations from a Bot

It looks likes that someone just take a look to my profile in another chat service. I received the following message from:

Hello my dear, I hope that every things is fine with u? Am XXXX i saw Ur profile  at xxxxx   today pls i will like u to write me back with my email,(

I haven’t been in this chat service for a while. I just decided to look at this address on google:

There are 10200000 search results in google with the same email address. Interesting ?, well …. just judge by yourself and make your own conclusions. I don’t see someone just desesperate to speak with an avatar but may be this is a bot that send continuous invitations to diferent people. I would be really carefull to contact someone like this, you don’t know what  her (or him) really want (may be even  your personal infomation).

P.S: Chat Services are not responsbile of the actions of their users, If you contact someone outside of a service (by mail, phone or any other system), it is your own responsability. Think twice before to do that.