SL Viewer for Android Phones

Thanks, to someone who tweet this to me, I can write new post about!. Lumiya is a SL Viewer that works i then Android Phones, as it says on their webpage:

Lumiya Viewer is a Second Life grid client for Android phones and tablets.

Stay connected with your Second Life friends while on the go. With Lumiya, you can send and receive instant messages, teleport to your favorite locations, participate in local chat, manage inventory and even see the virtual world around you in 3D.

Lumiya runs entirely on the phone without requiring you to use special in-world objects or external services.”

Here are features:

With Lumiya, you can do the following – right from your Android phone:

  • starting with version 2.0.0, you can see the world in 3D;
  • exchange instant messages with your Second Life friends;
  • manage your inventory, send and receive inventory items, edit notecards;
  • teleport to various locations in Second Life world by using landmarks from your inventory;
  • send and receive messages in local chat;
  • see who is nearby at your location;
  • interact with objects around you, use menus;
  • send and receive L$ money;
  • receive group notices and participate in group conversation;
  • listen to streaming audio from Second Life locations.

Check out some great screenshots of Lumiya to see how these features look on the phone screen

Btw Lumiya have been recognized as a third party viewer by Linden Labs, you can see some information in here:

For those who are interested, you can get more information about lumiya here:

P.S: Lumiya is not a “free software”, so you should to buy it in google apps store. Not all “opensource” software is “freeware”.