Hi hello, somebody is saying bad things about you!

Sometimes, it makes me laugh when a bot just send to me this kind of messages:

“Hi Hello, some one is saying bad things about you! please go to this link: xxxx”

I would say to all of you, to check any suspicious link. Before to do that, please be careful!. Because there would be a tramp behind of it,  looks what happened when I oppened this link in another browser (not in the same which I use the other chat page):

So remember, the curiosity killed the cat!, if you pressed one of this suspicious links, then I would recommend you to change your chat password, your email address and even if you can, contact your chat provider to let you known what happened. Don’t trust in any strange message like “someone is saying bad things about you” or “look what they are saying …….”. Sometimes this is the way that some virus spread on the net.