Altera Vita ….. Your Other Life in another Virtual World

Another virtual world with a common message  is “Your other life!”. Altera Vita is one of the hundred of virtual worlds that are on the net. Here’s a screenshot of their webpage:

There is some info about Altera Vita:

Altera Vita, meaning “Other LIfe”  is a virtual world where you can work or play. Hang out with friends in one of the virtual cafes, pubs or night clubs. Setup a business in one of the shopping areas or buy land and build your own creation. Almost anything you want to do is possible in Altera Vita.

And also some information of the platform what they use for their virtualworld:

Altera Vita uses the OpenSim platform. Those that have accounts on other grids can easily move their existing content to Altera Vita.

For those who are interested to visit and to try Altera Vita, then here’s their website:
P.S: In my own opinion, don’t we have too much opensim grids (XP) ? …….. I am not against them, I love them all! but too much can confuse new commers. Anyway I would like to give my best wishes and best luck to Alter Vita owners!, who knows ? may be one day I would like to try it!.