Sometimes Residents just Sucks ….. Even on Virtual Worlds!

Today’s post will be very different, I just want to complain to some residents (but not griefers, I am speaking about  of resident worst than them). As I said before why some people don’t want to have a great time in Virtual Worlds ?, why some people come here and make a mess in any other resident?.  I am not speaking about griefers or about those who jokes in other people. I speak about those who just scream, make a mess or even complain about other content creators.

What I am talking about is, to those Residents who bring their drama in here. I have seen so much wonders in Virtual Worlds but even I have seen so much crxp too. I am speaking about that people that began to scream, to complain and even to bother other people. They are not like griefers, because some griefers just do it for fun. This Residents just want to ruin other people’s enjoyment, and sometimes they can success if you permit it.

One of this days, I will show how I deal with this indivuals (so be aware you could appear on this blog). Recenlty someone who I admire and I think did a great work in opensim is leaving just because some of this people mess on her. My message to those who come here is, spend your time and enjoy. Please don’t listen or don’t talk to those residents who just want to ruin your enjoyment. There are so many methods and ways to avoid this people, just mute or report to the grids owner (but don’t tell them).


P.S: Btw to those who likes drama don’t bring in here, isn’t it enough that we have to much problems in real life?