Continuing Changing The Blog, Leaving SL and Comming to Opensim.

Yes, this is what I am going to do because I am convinced myself about it for some reasons:

– Opensim is opened to everybody, specially for those who want to build in safe place and free, I don’t need a premium account.

– In SL only those who had Premium Account can enter and use private sandboxes without being disturbed of  Griefers while if you go to public sandboxes there are plenty of them.

– In the opositive side of Griefers then there are also “VirtualCops”, “Vigilantes”  or what ever you want to call them. Yes this is a direct message to all of them, I don’t want and I don’t need to be watched and I don’t need someone to tell me what to do while I am building. The only people who need to care about that is the main company, I mean LindenLabs.
– A few of the new residents in SL are a full of drama, are interested in “virtual sex” and just to have personal contact (something I always avoid).

– SL is crowded by Spam Bots but also there are some scammers and phishers. I have seen this since I came from 2011.

By The way I said before I am going to do some changes in the blog, just because some people confuse my blog related with virtual sex. and Here is the evidence:


These are the visits of the lastest months. I was amazing that I had something like 1000 visits in January, I was thinking that the blog was becoming popular, what is my suprise that the most visited arcticle was “A Virtual World for SX”. I was really annoyed about it and after I decided to shutdown this post and other articles (what I am going to do in the following days) about it.

In finally and in conclusion, I will be around SL to meet old friends and talk a little while I am going to come to Opensim as people are more interesting in building and to do other things like giving support to those who need it. Yes, Opensim is still a very young project but i am going to join forces, giving tips and giving support to them. All old SL articles are going to be here (old chat post are going to be deleted) but there will no more updates of viewers in SL or anything else, I am going to focus on Technologies and other interesting things I will find on the internet about Virtual Worlds, 3d and etc….

I will look towars to building and giving support  in Opensim and leaving SL into the past.