How to Kick Griefers on Opensim Thanks to Avination!

Usually, I used to had a bad image about Avination and their policies about “freebies” but right now, I am changing totally my mind for many reasons.  As I became more into Opensim and other Virtual Worlds like that (Osgrid or Inworldz) then I began to see how Avination contribute with innovation and code to opensim.

I haven’s some tool like that in the two years I have been using Second Life and Osgrid. I always think that the “abuse report” in Second Life as been not such successfull as this tool which has been posible by them. So let’s take a look about what this tool is about (this article has been extracted from avination’s blog and thanks to saphirateam to allow me that!):

“Today Avination donate once again code to improve OpenSim for its users.

As resident of virtual worlds and also as a grid owner, you probably know the problem of griefing. Griefers come in all shapes and sizes and cause grief and havoc on your land or even the whole grid. You can ban people, but as long as they are logged in, they continue spreading their badness. One can scream, one can struggle, just placing a ban did nothing more than preventing the griefers from returning.
Not any longer. Now it’s possible to kick users from a parcel or even grid wide. This allows users of OpenSim to now get rid of those bad people immediately or to give them a more “gentle” kick as a sign their behavior is not welcome at this place.

Residents and Grid-Owners can easily kick people now using they appropriate viewer option. Especially for tenants this new feature allows for much less disturbance in their virtual life.”

This is one of the things that should be implemented before in Second Life so people don’t need to wait until Linden Labs comes and fixes the issue that has been made by griefers. As always I think that there are so much innovation and new things that can be discovered thanks to opensource! and to other people who contributes to opensim. By the way Avination will be added as a interesting virtual world from this blog!, thanks so much for this app!.