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Closed and Not updated Anymore…. I am leaving the blog!

This is the last post (Not more updates). I don’t have time anymore since my new job and I am not involved into building or into SL or Opensim.

This blog will not updated but not closed because I still see so many people comes from opensim to fix the cloud avatar :).

Anyway remembers that this is an old post and changes may be comming to opensim!

To everybody good luck and keep working on the metaverse!, I might come back one day (but I am not sure)!.





How to Kick Griefers on Opensim Thanks to Avination!

Usually, I used to had a bad image about Avination and their policies about “freebies” but right now, I am changing totally my mind for many reasons.  As I became more into Opensim and other Virtual Worlds like that (Osgrid or Inworldz) then I began to see how Avination contribute with innovation and code to opensim.

I haven’s some tool like that in the two years I have been using Second Life and Osgrid. I always think that the “abuse report” in Second Life as been not such successfull as this tool which has been posible by them. So let’s take a look about what this tool is about (this article has been extracted from avination’s blog and thanks to saphirateam to allow me that!):

“Today Avination donate once again code to improve OpenSim for its users.

As resident of virtual worlds and also as a grid owner, you probably know the problem of griefing. Griefers come in all shapes and sizes and cause grief and havoc on your land or even the whole grid. You can ban people, but as long as they are logged in, they continue spreading their badness. One can scream, one can struggle, just placing a ban did nothing more than preventing the griefers from returning.
Not any longer. Now it’s possible to kick users from a parcel or even grid wide. This allows users of OpenSim to now get rid of those bad people immediately or to give them a more “gentle” kick as a sign their behavior is not welcome at this place.

Residents and Grid-Owners can easily kick people now using they appropriate viewer option. Especially for tenants this new feature allows for much less disturbance in their virtual life.”

This is one of the things that should be implemented before in Second Life so people don’t need to wait until Linden Labs comes and fixes the issue that has been made by griefers. As always I think that there are so much innovation and new things that can be discovered thanks to opensource! and to other people who contributes to opensim. By the way Avination will be added as a interesting virtual world from this blog!, thanks so much for this app!.

What Are Bitcoins ? and What Could This Means for Virtual Worlds ?

On this days I was hearing so many times about “Bitcoins”. So I decided to add some information here what are bitcoins and where they came from. I got the main information again from wikipedia, I just want people to know more about bitcoins and what this could means for virtualworlds:

“Bitcoin (sign: BTC) is a decentralized digital currency based on an open-source, peer-to-peer internet protocol. It was introduced by a pseudonymous developer named Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009.

Internationally, bitcoins can be exchanged by personal computer directly through a wallet file or a website without an intermediate financial institution. In trade, one bitcoin is subdivided into 100 million smaller units called satoshis, defined by eight decimal places.”

This looks to be quite interesting but here are more info about bitcoins:

“Bitcoin does not operate like typical currencies: it has no central bank and it solely relies on an internet-based peer-to-peer network. The money supply is automated, limited, divided and scheduled, and given to servers or “bitcoin miners” that verify bitcoin transactions and add them to a decentralized and archived transaction log every 10 minutes.

The log is authenticated by ECDSA digital signatures and verified by the intense process of bruteforcing SHA256 hash functions of varying difficulty by competing “bitcoin miners.” Transaction fees may apply to new transactions depending on the strain put on the network’s resources.

Each 10-minute portion or “block” of the transaction log has an assigned money supply. The amount per block depends on how long the network has been running. Currently, 25 bitcoins are generated with every 10-minute block. This will be halved to 12.5 BTC during the year 2017 and halved continuously every 4 years after until a hard limit of 21 million bitcoins is reached during the year 2140.”

So who knows ?, could be Bitcoins the future of virtual money or virtual currency in virtual worlds ?. Well I dont know but we will see how bitcoins could be useful near the future.

Continuing Changing The Blog, Leaving SL and Comming to Opensim.

Yes, this is what I am going to do because I am convinced myself about it for some reasons:

– Opensim is opened to everybody, specially for those who want to build in safe place and free, I don’t need a premium account.

– In SL only those who had Premium Account can enter and use private sandboxes without being disturbed of  Griefers while if you go to public sandboxes there are plenty of them.

– In the opositive side of Griefers then there are also “VirtualCops”, “Vigilantes”  or what ever you want to call them. Yes this is a direct message to all of them, I don’t want and I don’t need to be watched and I don’t need someone to tell me what to do while I am building. The only people who need to care about that is the main company, I mean LindenLabs.
– A few of the new residents in SL are a full of drama, are interested in “virtual sex” and just to have personal contact (something I always avoid).

– SL is crowded by Spam Bots but also there are some scammers and phishers. I have seen this since I came from 2011.

By The way I said before I am going to do some changes in the blog, just because some people confuse my blog related with virtual sex. and Here is the evidence:


These are the visits of the lastest months. I was amazing that I had something like 1000 visits in January, I was thinking that the blog was becoming popular, what is my suprise that the most visited arcticle was “A Virtual World for SX”. I was really annoyed about it and after I decided to shutdown this post and other articles (what I am going to do in the following days) about it.

In finally and in conclusion, I will be around SL to meet old friends and talk a little while I am going to come to Opensim as people are more interesting in building and to do other things like giving support to those who need it. Yes, Opensim is still a very young project but i am going to join forces, giving tips and giving support to them. All old SL articles are going to be here (old chat post are going to be deleted) but there will no more updates of viewers in SL or anything else, I am going to focus on Technologies and other interesting things I will find on the internet about Virtual Worlds, 3d and etc….

I will look towars to building and giving support  in Opensim and leaving SL into the past.

Reinventing The Wheel

I am in a process  to renew the blog. I will take out some stuff that some people is confusing my blog, this is not a blog about “virtual s…”, I would recommend to those people to take a look in another blog.



The New Firestorm Website

Last year Phoenix would not be supported anymore …. and now 2013 The developers of Phoenix Viewer have a new website:


Some information about this new website:

“The Phoenix Firestorm Project Inc. is a non-profit, incorporated organization whose mandate is to improve the user experience in Second Life and other virtual worlds by providing an advanced open source viewer with greater features, options and interface flexibility than the standard offering by Linden Lab. The project has approximately 80 volunteers working for it and are managed through departments divided up as Development, Support and Quality Assurance. We provide live support 24/7 in nine different languages inside of Second Life through our support groups and on the web via our issue tracker.

The Phoenix Firestorm Project is currently active in developing the Firestorm Viewer, the successor to the now discontinued Phoenix Viewer. Firestorm Viewer is based on the Linden Lab V3 LGPL code base and has an enormous number of features, options and interface customization choices, including a look similar to its predecessor Phoenix Viewer. Firestorm is developed for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems.”

Their new website is at  www firestormviewer org

2012: End Of Support For Phoenix 1.5

This is an old notice but something we need to remember, in 2013 there will be Firestorm viewer but not Phoenix, so for all you here is the news:

“Ending support for the Phoenix Viewer
Mon, 17 Dec 2012

On Saturday, Dec 15th, we held an important office hour at which the subject was the removal of official support for our V1-based Phoenix Viewer at the end of this year. We are also no longer developing this viewer. (Not to be confused with the Phoenix-Firestorm Viewer, which will continue to be fully developed and supported.)

To be clear
-We are ending support for the Phoenix Viewer on Dec 31st, 2012.
-If you are a Phoenix user we recommend you migrate to a peer-to-peer help group created for Phoenix users:“Phoenix Viewer Self Help.”

– We are NOT forcing you to use Firestorm! If you don’t want to use Firestorm, there are a few V1 alternatives out there. Check out theLL Third Party Viewer Directory.
– We are NOT telling you not to use Phoenix Viewer.
– We are NOT blocking Phoenix Viewer from logging in.
– We are NOT breaking Phoenix!
– You MAY continue to use Phoenix as long as you want, but be aware.. it will become more and more deprecated over time.
– LL is not intentionally killing Phoenix but be aware, there are changes coming in the new year that will break some key aspects of its usability.

We will remove the download links on our main website to Phoenix in the new year, but it will remain available from our “Other Downloads” section of our wiki. We will not remove any documentation or JIRA issues reported against Phoenix.

Please watch the video recording of that office hour here and that should answer all your questions as to why we have made this decision.
You can also read the speech here, which I had prepared and read during the Office Hour that explains our reasons for making this decision.

I realize this decision will not be popular among our Phoenix users, and I apologize for that, but I ask you to please watch the video or read the speech BEFORE complaining or asking why in the blog post comments. Our reasons are sensible, responsible and logical. If, after you’ve watched the video, you still do not agree with our decision, THEN please feel free to complain and vent.”

For the next posts, I will be analyzing some V 1  alternatives for Second Life and Osgrid. There are so many SL viewers out there that can be useful for those who loves V1 viewers but anyway I began to use Firestorm!.