Resident: “Constructive Criticism”

Well, this is a non common but a really interesting resident, I met the other day. Some who wanted to show “Constructive Criticism” in a public area. I began to asking about the pictures he put on this place (I don’t know how he did, but they were in there), I will call him as “Smart Resident”, so let’s begin! :


Xpontaneus Combustion: Hi Hello

Xpontaneus Combustion: can I ask you some questions ?

SmartResident: hi sure

Xpontaneus Combustion: cool thanks

Xpontaneus Combustion: what are you protesting about ?

Xpontaneus Combustion: As I see you put this pics in here ?

SmartResident: but this is found someplace

SmartResident: 0% salvation 0% damnantion of humanity in this painting

SmartResident: I know

SmartResident: and I didn’t agree

Xpontaneus Combustion: ok np

Xpontaneus Combustion: I am just asking you, I am so curious

SmartResident: So with freedom of speech

SmartResident: I speak

Xpontaneus Combustion: I haven’t see someone protesting in korea before

Xpontaneus Combustion: 🙂

Xpontaneus Combustion: yeah it is ok you can protest but what you protest for ?

SmartResident: I’m not protesting sl or Korea.

Xpontaneus Combustion: ok well sorry

SmartResident: The cause of humanity

SmartResident: and sympathy

Xpontaneus Combustion: so that’s what are you speaking about ?

Xpontaneus Combustion: ok


SmartResident: yea

Xpontaneus Combustion: so humanity

Xpontaneus Combustion: but what you don’t like of humanity ?

SmartResident: I am for humanity in a democratic way

SmartResident: There are places that don’t have this around the world

SmartResident: So I show this

SmartResident: as constructive criticism

Xpontaneus Combustion: ah Ok I agree

SmartResident: thxs

Xpontaneus Combustion: ok sorry for my understood

SmartResident: ok

Xpontaneus Combustion: so you are showing just “cronstructive criticism”

SmartResident: yes

SmartResident: If I constantly showed this it might contribute to it’s existence

SmartResident: like a molding process

SmartResident: I say this molding isn’t accurate

Xpontaneus Combustion: ok

Xpontaneus Combustion: and what you want to critize ?

Xpontaneus Combustion: Humanity ?

SmartResident: no

SmartResident: most people are cool

Xpontaneus Combustion: yes true

Xpontaneus Combustion: but there are some “crabs”

SmartResident: I think most people in sl are cool

SmartResident: yes I agree

Xpontaneus Combustion: yes true but there are some jerks too

SmartResident: yep

Xpontaneus Combustion: a small people that want to disturb others enjoyment

Xpontaneus Combustion: and people with “drama”

SmartResident: yep

SmartResident: I block thiem

Xpontaneus Combustion: but what is the message you want to send with this pictures and this letter ?

SmartResident: Just use your blocker

Xpontaneus Combustion: yes I know

Xpontaneus Combustion: thanks

SmartResident: The message is basically there is another way that works other than this.

Xpontaneus Combustion: ah ok true

SmartResident: yea


Xpontaneus Combustion: so what you want to show to people is your message

SmartResident: Even the person that sits in the highest of this picture I would say to this King, there is a better way than this

SmartResident: maybe he would be wondering

SmartResident: In some places this King begged and prayed for another way

SmartResident: there is another way,

SmartResident: I try to show this even though I’m not God, just a democrat

SmartResident: yes

Xpontaneus Combustion: so the meesage you are just trying to give to humanity is

Xpontaneus Combustion: that there are other ways to do things

SmartResident: yea

Xpontaneus Combustion: ah ok interesting

Xpontaneus Combustion: and what it is the meaning of the other picture

SmartResident: I’m glad you can see this

Xpontaneus Combustion: thanks

SmartResident: I think there are 00’s of paintings like this around the world

Xpontaneus Combustion: well as you explain to me I understand what you want to say

Xpontaneus Combustion: but the other picture on the left

Xpontaneus Combustion: I cannot understand what it means

SmartResident: It’s just another form of the same art

Xpontaneus Combustion: ok

Xpontaneus Combustion: and how you would interpret it ?

SmartResident: If you notice somebody looks like they are praying for better things in what looks like Hell

Xpontaneus Combustion: ok

SmartResident: I see / and /

Xpontaneus Combustion: so can you explain to me the other pic ?. This one that is on the left ?

SmartResident: It would look like 0% or so good things on top and the rest bad places

SmartResident: the one on the center is another painting basically showing the same thing


Xpontaneus Combustion: but in another way

SmartResident: I show symbolically water used to put out fire

Xpontaneus Combustion: I see it

SmartResident: Instead of fighting fire with fire

SmartResident: only would make more fire

SmartResident: Water is part of life

Xpontaneus Combustion: yes

Xpontaneus Combustion: right

Xpontaneus Combustion: we cannot live with out water

SmartResident: without gravity there wouldn’t have life as we know now

SmartResident: leading cosmologists have said without gravity there is no life
Xpontaneus Combustion: well true

SmartResident: Gravity helps in the formation of you soul or spirit too

SmartResident: your soul belongs to you because gravity keeps it with you

SmartResident: can somebody take out gravity? no

Xpontaneus Combustion: well without grativy we will be floating on the air!

SmartResident: I believe your th sub-atomic particle field is your spirit particle

SmartResident: and this particle interacts wioth gravity to make you and help you to stay alive

SmartResident: YOur mind is part of this too

SmartResident: which can acknowledge these concepts

SmartResident: If somebody were to say I take your soul from you, but do they really take out  gravioty from you?

SmartResident: no

SmartResident: Gravity is the cause of God

SmartResident: Without imperfection in the cosmos gravity doesn’t form

Xpontaneus Combustion: possible

SmartResident: yep

Xpontaneus Combustion: you look like scientific guy but do you believe in God ?

SmartResident: Leading educators around the world have said this

Xpontaneus Combustion: God as a human or as an Energy ?

SmartResident: Yes God is out there

SmartResident: could be a higher energy interactive state with people

SmartResident: Alot of people give themselves to the casue of God

Xpontaneus Combustion: yes true, that’s the way I see god, not like some religions.

SmartResident: cuase

SmartResident: cause

Xpontaneus Combustion: But anyway I respect other’s people beleive

SmartResident: cool

SmartResident: I’ve studied this for about 0 years

SmartResident: and this is what I see

Xpontaneus Combustion: god

SmartResident: ok

Xpontaneus Combustion: sorry

Xpontaneus Combustion: I wanted to say good

Xpontaneus Combustion: lol

SmartResident: lol

Xpontaneus Combustion: so you have been 0 years studing cosmos and universe ?

SmartResident: yes

SmartResident: and atomic physcis

SmartResident: theoretic

SmartResident: poor typo’s opps

SmartResident: Some see it as God, god, or ________

SmartResident: Gravity is invisible

Xpontaneus Combustion: Ok

Xpontaneus Combustion: interesting

SmartResident: could be gravity or Gravity

SmartResident: we are still held together by it

SmartResident: we have mass so there is gravity

SmartResident: I even measured the amount of gravity a person has based on his mass and his relation to a earth gravitatinal field

Xpontaneus Combustion: When I speak to you, I feel I am speaking to Albert Einstein!

SmartResident: thxs

SmartResident: I also studied his theories including his unfinished worked of a unified field theory

SmartResident: He saw it similar the way we do

Xpontaneus Combustion: may be you know so much about Quantum Physics

Xpontaneus Combustion: cool

Xpontaneus Combustion: and interesting

SmartResident: cool

Xpontaneus Combustion: but are you a Astronomer or Something like that ?

SmartResident: mostly a self-taught one over the 0 years of study

Xpontaneus Combustion: just I am curious

SmartResident: but I do have a BS degree

SmartResident: that studied the basic sciences

SmartResident: But I have discussed things with even Nobel prize wnners in Physics

SmartResident: they even invited my to do research there with them

SmartResident: to show proof of alot of this

Xpontaneus Combustion: ah ok so you are a Physics

SmartResident: part of it yes

Xpontaneus Combustion: ok

SmartResident: including sub-atomic theory predictions

Xpontaneus Combustion: part phylosopher part physics

SmartResident: which I have predicted things accurately in this field

SmartResident: yea

Xpontaneus Combustion: so you may like meta-physics

SmartResident: yea

Xpontaneus Combustion: as I supose

Xpontaneus Combustion: more spiritual than material

Xpontaneus Combustion: or both ?

SmartResident: I think both

Xpontaneus Combustion: cool

SmartResident: To have a meta-physical from physical to me means we are more than just a biological machine

Xpontaneus Combustion: oh god

Xpontaneus Combustion: Lol

SmartResident: lol

Xpontaneus Combustion: so you read Exxxx books ?

Xpontaneus Combustion: not to critize just to know

SmartResident: no I have been mostly for now just loooking at sl

Xpontaneus Combustion: ah ok

Xpontaneus Combustion: just for the terms

Xpontaneus Combustion: someone how use the term “Biological Machine”

SmartResident: Some people say we are like biological computers

SmartResident: with the DNA

Xpontaneus Combustion: well machines

Xpontaneus Combustion: exactly

SmartResident: similar

SmartResident: yep

Xpontaneus Combustion: have you ever hear about Gxxxxx?

SmartResident: no

Xpontaneus Combustion: well it is a guy who investigate about human and religion

Xpontaneus Combustion: he made his own path

SmartResident: whta did he say?

SmartResident: what

Xpontaneus Combustion: we are machines

Xpontaneus Combustion: and we need to be repair

SmartResident: yep I agree

SmartResident: this picture argument is an attempt to repair this

Xpontaneus Combustion: this guy I am talking you about uses psychology, religion and science

SmartResident: sure this is the way

Xpontaneus Combustion: in his own path. And he speaks about that one man is cannot help without anyother man

SmartResident: ype

Xpontaneus Combustion: so we need to help each other

SmartResident: yea

SmartResident: yea

Xpontaneus Combustion: hey

Xpontaneus Combustion: have you ever been in inspire ?

Xpontaneus Combustion: a place that looks like space

SmartResident: ?

Xpontaneus Combustion: universe and that things ?

SmartResident: oh

SmartResident: yes

Xpontaneus Combustion: it is a spiritual place where most of the people goes for meditation and that stuff

SmartResident: yea

Xpontaneus Combustion: ok

Xpontaneus Combustion: cool

SmartResident: cool

Xpontaneus Combustion: so it have been nice to meet you

SmartResident: same to u thxs for the chat

Xpontaneus Combustion: You welcome.

Xpontaneus Combustion: are you comming here frequently ?

SmartResident: I’ve been visiting here for a couple o fyears

Xpontaneus Combustion: Ok. Understood

SmartResident: I hope so

SmartResident: bye

It is nice to see that some “interesing residents” even come to sl, because before I have meet just some iditos just only looking for “sx”. This is what we really need some really “smarties” that could make the change on virtual worlds and not some people only interesting in … well you all residents know what I mean!.


Phising Scams: Look at The Link and Don’t Click!

For those who doesn’t know what it is phishing scam, here’s some info:

Phishing is the act of attempting to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectly, money) by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Communications purporting to be from popular social web sites, auction sites, online payment processors or IT administrators are commonly used to lure the unsuspecting public. Phishing emails may contain links to websites that are infected with malware.Phishing is typically carried out by e-mail spoofing or instant messaging, and it often directs users to enter details at a fake website whose look and feel are almost identical to the legitimate one. Phishing is an example of social engineering techniques used to deceive users, and exploits the poor usability of current web security technologies. Attempts to deal with the growing number of reported phishing incidents include legislation, user training, public awareness, and technical security measures.

I saw this post from another resident and I would like to share it. It is important that you look very well on pages about SL. So let’s see the phishing scam webpage:


Always a scam webpage will have a look like as the original, put also there’s something you can make sure it is not a real webpage and that’s the address. Never put your SL infor in another website you can’t not trust, if you are not sure, contact SL technical support and ask for help. The main webpage of SL is and if you are going to buy or get something for free then the best place is Avoid strange links which only want your lindens or your personal information. Keep your eyes open some “freebies” can be lethal weapons (specially those who ask you to put your data in a different link).

Playstation Home – Virtual World for Playstation Users

While I was looking some information about The playstation 3, it came to my attention this:

I decided to do some research what this can be and what it is about, then I extracted some important information that I have found in Wikipedia:

“PlayStation Home (also marketed and referred to as Home) is a virtual 3D social gaming platform developed by Sony Computer Entertainment’s London Studio for the PlayStation 3 on the PlayStation Network. It is accessible on the PS3’s XMB. Membership is free and requires a PSN account. Home has been in development since early 2005 and started an open public beta test on December 11, 2008. Home allows users to create a custom avatar, which can be groomed realistically. Users can decorate their avatar’s personal apartment with default, bought, or won items.

Users can travel throughout the Home world which is frequently updated by Sony and its partners. Public spaces are made for display, entertainment, advertising, or for networking. Home features many single and multi-player mini-games. Users can shop for or win new items to further customise their avatar or apartments. Home’s primary forms of advertising include spaces themselves, video screens, posters and mini-games. Home hosts a variety of special events which range from prize-giving events to entertaining events. Upon installation, users can choose how much hard disk space they wish to reserve for Home.


Home is in third person and users can walk around in that way. Upon entering Home, users are greeted with the “Message of the Day” which contains Home news. During loading screens, users are presented with help tips about how to use Home, such as clicking L3 to open the Chat Log or that new items are marked with a star in the Wardrobe or Furniture browsers.

User Interface

PlayStation Home has no on-screen interface during exploration, however, all of Home’s features are available from the controller. The options are; Quick Chat, a Gestures menu, the Menu Screen, the Safe Screen, and in-game XMB. In time, users will be able to play music on their PlayStation 3 hard drive. Whether this will be private or public will be determined by licensing issues that Sony is attempting to resolve.[42]

The “Menu Screen” (formerly the Menu Pad; and before that, a virtual PSP; pre-Open Beta) is laid out similar to the PS3’s XMB. There are seven categories including Navigator, Personal, Social, Wardrobe, Redecorate, Options, and Help (Redecorate can only be used in Personal Spaces or Clubhouses). The Menu Screen, under Personal, features an inventory, which has portable objects such as the “Bubble machine” as well as companions that follow the users around (e.g. a pet dog). Users can take screenshots of Home in either first or third person view with the camera and save them to their PS3’s HDD. With the use of Loot’s Active Duty Camera (premium item), users can also record videos in Home while in Personal Spaces or Clubs to be saved on their PS3. In time, some items may have a limited quantity before repurchase.[43] The Personal category also lets users see their purchased items, rewards, downloads, and their PSN profile. The Social category lets users see their friends location, group activity, game launching events, the Message of the Day, and news.

The “Safe Screen” is used for reporting, changing communication settings, and quick access to the user’s Personal Space and XMB friends list. The Navigator (formerly World Map) is also laid out like the XMB. It sorts locations into categories based on the space’s purpose (e.g. core spaces, or new and featured spaces or games).

Users can communicate in a variety of ways in Home. Along with the existing PSN messaging system, users are able to write text messages to each other using either a physical or on-screen keyboard. These messages appear in speech bubbles over the avatar’s head and in the ‘chat log’. Users can switch between text chat and voice chat in the chat log. Voice chat, with the use of a headset, is available within personal spaces and/or clubs, or on private voice chat channels with groups of up to 8 users. The user can also perform visible gestures (or “e-motes”) such as waving, nodding or dancing. A ‘Quick chat’ feature, with predetermined phrases, is also available. Users can also indicate the emotional status of their avatar, which is displayed below their name. Some avatar costumes also have additional e-motes.

Although the service itself can be used free of charge, premium content is available to purchase from various stores in the shopping complex and in certain spaces. Users browse and pay for items, such as virtual clothing and furniture, by accessing a shop and using its PlayStation Store interface. Items are paid for in real currency using funds from the user’s PlayStation Network Wallet.[45][46] Alongside content designed by SCE, actual companies are also able to sell virtual goods through their own stores in Home. For example, Diesel, Ligne Roset, and Game are represented in Home with their own stores where users can purchase virtual items based on their companies’ own clothing and furniture designs respectively.[47] Other brands and company’s are also represented.

Advertising is prominent in Home’s public spaces. Currently, this is primarily PlayStation focused although other video gaming-related brands are also represented. Most advertising is targeted to specific regional audiences.

In a future update, the full PlayStation Store will become accessible through Home, along with virtual TV, radio and media playback.

So Playstation home is similar in some ways of Sl even they have 21.000.000 registered users. So for those SL users that have a playstation 3, now you know that there is another virtualworld to visit!.



Spamming Bots!

Again I decided to come back to SL for a little time , but what is my surprise that one well known place is invaded with bots, if people hate spam in the email then some bots are the same in virtual worlds!. Enjoy the pictures!:

The only bad thing about this spam bots is that they can crash a sim or even make it slower, because some of them send many invitations to residents to join a group or offering anything else. Chat bots can be interesting but spamming bots are terrible!

Fake Private Twitter Messages: Be Aware of What You Open!

Again someone in Twitter has got his account hacked or even got a malware or virus. I want so show what kind of private message I received from (The sender will not be showed and the message too):

As I am not stupid or I will not be fooled by this message, I will open the link in another browser and all of you will see what happens:

I do this things, just to teach people to don’t trust in all messages with strange links. If you receive a private message from someone you know but you don’t trust the link, then don’t opened. Sometimes the curiosity killed the cat. You don’t know what could happens with this suspicious links.

Planeshift and An Useful Way to Use Bots

In these days, I have been playing a RPG game I found on the internet which it is still on alpha as Opensim. The name of this RPG Game is “Planetshift”:

PlaneShift is a Role Playing Game immersed into a 3D virtual fantasy world which is FULLY FREE to play. Fully free means you will have no surprises of premium content which will limit your gameplay or unbalance the game. There are no limitations in skills, ranks, abilities, items you can gain with your free account. There are no time limits or additional constraints. Other similar games just advertize the “free” concept to sell you premium accounts. We don’t. Servers and bandwidth will be donated by sponsors.

PlaneShift is made by a group of RPG enthusiasts and not by a commercial company. This allows us to expand the game wihout any constraint or limitation.

PlaneShift is Open Source for the client and server code, so everyone can contribute to its development!

If you want to help our efforts, see how to join our team here, or consider making a donation.

At the present state of development, PlaneShift is not a complete game, but what we call a “tech demo”. With this definition we mean that the game is still under heavy development, so you may easily find bugs, glitches and missing features. We decided to open it to the public because we want to have your feedback on improving the game and because we have enjoyed seeing our progress being put into productive use from the beginning.

While I began to play the game, then I found something which SL is missing when newcommers created an account. It is about an instructions how to play, something really different when you play planetshift as you can see here:

This bot just said to some instructions about how to play the game and to find another bot (a Dwarf):

May be this game doesn’t have so much detail graphics as SL, it has something that SL is missing. This example of  how to use bots to teach users to play  a game, it could be a good idea to be implemented in SL. Because bots shouldn’t be useful only for spam or  adverstising, there are other useful ways to use them.