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The Hobo Avatar Who Reminded to Me, How I Discover My Creativity.

One of the things I like to see, it is the creativity of some residents, for example like this avatar:

This make me to remember that SL or Opensim based grids just give  the freedom to make your own look with freebies or paid stuff. I have learned many things in the metaverse (thanks to all the people who help me,  I will never forget it) to discover my creativity and   to fly my imagination to do new and diferent things (like improve my outfits).

As I spoke a little bit with this resident, I told him that this was a really very original, unique hobo avatar that I have never seen a  something like that, but he told me that this wasn’t his creation, it was a creation of his friend. I encourage to all of you who are building on the grids, to do your best,  to keep working and  never give up! because one of this days you will make a great work!.