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As I Always Say : “Avoid Gift from Stangers”

While I was goint to log in SL, I received an automatically gift request from a “unknown” avatar, as you will see on this screenshot:

Well …. This was not the only gift request after I press the right arrow, it was another gift resquest from the “unknown avatar”. I suspect that this request have been sent by an a bot:

When I was looking around finally I found the suspected bot and I decide to take a look at her profile to get more information about:

Then I was thinking to get a picture about this supected bot, but what is my surprise that she began to walk around me and after she left the sim. This is not common in a bot and I think that the “unknown avatar” just see, that I suspect about her trap. This is not my first time that catch this kind of traps, there are so many but I got this as an oportunity to show to everybody, how in the metaverse some residents do ilegall stuff. As I always say “Avoid Gift from Strangers”.