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Avatar Health in Firestrom Viewer

In this days  when I was testting Firestorm Viewer in SL, I just discover something interesting on it:

This option is just a shorcut where you can find some the applications, that will help you to check the avatar if you have a problem like  the “cloud avatar”. I really think that this is a good idea, to add the support of this tools on a easy way to find them and not to just put them far away. Look at this screenshot and you would understand what I am trying to say:

By the way before someone try to use one of this options (if you are beginner or newbie), I will repeat again, this tools are  for experience users and this may work on Second Life and not on OpenSimulator. For those who don’t know what it this about then ask for help, it is the best way than doing something by yourself with out knowledge. Remember that …. Curiosity killed the cat!