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Dolphin Viewer 3 blocked from Osgrid

This is one of the viewers that I could not test in Opensim and even in Osgrid, it seems to be a problem with some code of this viewer (which is based on linden labs main viewer), the related information is from Osgrid website:

“ATTENTION : We have blocked Dolphin Viewer 3 from the grid temporarily it is using excessive amounts of bandwidth on plazas.”

After the developers of osgrid have made some test, they have the following conclusion:

“UPDATE : After a bit of experimenting Dolphin viewer is not the problem its something in the LL release code appologies to Dolphin Team!”

Usually when this happens on any open source program the best thing to do is to report or advice to the devepoler’s viewer what is going on, so they will make the fixs as soon as possible.They have an email, twitter account  or a forum, someone from Osgrid have already reporter to the developer the problem that they had with the viewer with their grid and why they have to block it.

Maintainance of an OpenSource software is not a job only for one person, it is a continous work that we all the users must do. You can help to make it better just by reporting or by giving advice to the developer using diferent ways, like twitter, their email or even a forum.