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For Those Who are Looking for a Free Sim

Someone has came twice to the blog, just trying to find information how to have a free sim in open simulator. I wrote this post to add some information about but again I want to make this clear:  I will not give any support or any help because right now, I am not into open simulator platform.My main focus is to learn about building with prims and sculpts, and I don’t know so much or I am not into sims with opensim platform. Opensim is still in development and they consider that it still on alpha release until the version 1.0. It says clear on the opensimulator webpage:

“OpenSimulator is getting more stable as it approaches release 1.0, but we still consider it alpha software; so should you.”

There are two modes you can run a free sim in open simulator:

-Standalone mode: In standalone mode, a single process handles the entire simulation. It is simpler to configure, but is limited to a smaller number of users.

-Grid mode: In grid mode, various aspects of the simulation are separated among multiple processes, which can exist on different machines. Grid mode has the potential to scale as the number of users grows.

Depeding in the requirements, If you want something simple, you just want to run a sim in your computer for your own enjoyment and without beign connected in the internet then the standalone is the right option. But if you want something bigger because you want to run a complete sim with residents then use the grid mode.For those who are interested in a standalone grid in your computer there are two options:

– Sim on a stick: this is a project created by Ener Hax, Sim on a Stick is a portable and a self contained deployment virtual world software called Open Simulator. It is not installed and runs on a usb stick, it is unzipped to a convenient location. For my personal opinion, I have tried Sim on a Stick on my own computer but with the difference that I have installed on my pc in the harddisk, it is a good  project.

– New World Studio:  This is another opensim standalone project, made by the people of New World Grid, as they say on their on webpage: “You can have free land by hosting it on your own computer at home, or on your own dedicated server, using New World Studio software, easier to use than a classic Open Simulator distribution.”. I have installed this program too and yes it is easy to install but with the advantage that you can connect your standalone sim with the New World Grid network.

You can find the links of both project at the left of this blog in the option that says “Opensimulator links”, they have all the complete information.

Now let’s see about grid mode, there are some free opensim grids in here:

– Osgrid : The is one of the first OpenSim Grid Providers, The OpenSimulator Metaverse Grid it is a project based the philosophy of the open source project to give the freedom (not free as a beer) to access a grid without payment. You can have a free sim region but you will need to install opensim in your computer and connect your region with the osgrid network. Information about how to install or setup a sim is also on their webpage but you can find very good tutorials in you tube.

– NewWorldGrid: I extracted some information from their webpage: ” is a french virtual world, but open to all ethnies, and centered on human beings, founded on human values like freedom, respect and share.Virtual worlds are the future of 3D and will make the Internet more interactive, social, dynamic, more human, and we founded New World with the goal of democratizing this technology, making it more accessible to all, and particularly by supporting educative and cultural projects using virtual worlds as a media and as collaboration platform.”.If you need more information  about free sim, please contact them in their webpage.

-Kitely : This is a Virtual World Hosting service provider which offer one free sim as an option. All the information about them is on their website, you can find the link in the option “Open Simulator Links”.I have oppened an account but I haven’t tried, I hope to test it soon.

I hope this post will be useful and helpful for those who wants a free sim or are looking for it. You can find more information about open simulator grids in the opensimulator webpage (which is on the links at the left of this blog). For all of you good luck in your search and setting up your free sim!.

“For those who are looking for a free sim in Opens Simulator, one of the good options is Osgrid and you can have it in your own computer connected with the Open Source Grid (Osgrid). But If you don’t have a deep knowledge (like me) how to do it then try OpenSim standalone.”