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A Bot that Sells Lands and Another Selling Jewerly and Clothes! X(

There are bots everywhere in SL and this one is not spamming or doing something else just advertisement and selling lands!:

But he wasn’t the only one, there is another bot selling “jewerly and clothes” as you can see:

These are bots used for advertisement and but this could be real way to sell stuff?. I really don’t know but would be interesting to ask to the owners of this bots what they think about.


SpamBot : “Join my group from 50 lindens and not refund!”

When I was walking around on a sim  SL, I receive the following message from a bot:

Spam Bot* ( Spam Bot) has invited you to join a group.
To join this group, you will have to pay a signup fee of L$50.

!!!!!!!!!!    NO SPAM iIN  THIS GROUP    !!!!!!!!

Registration 50 LINDES NO REFUNDS

Again, I would think two times to join this kind of groups just because you don’t know what can happens. I mean, if you join them and I pay 50 lindens?, would they give me “gifts” ?. I doubt it so much, specially when they say “NO REFUNDS”. While I was looking at the bot’s profile, I found the group that ask for “50 Lindens and NOT REFUND!”, you can see in here:

Even on the metaverse, you need to keep your eyes opens!

* SpamBot is a ficticious name.