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More Test with Phoenix, Singularity and Firestorm!

Here is another test  but at this time I will add another V1 that has support with mesh so I will be testing mesh in 3 viewers which are: Phoenix 1.60, Singularity and Firestorm. Why another Sl Viewer ? and not only Phoenix and Firestorm?, currently Singularity have diferent codebase that phoenix and the support from Mesh comes from another developer not the same as who developed Cool Viewer (Where Phoenix 1.60 takes the support for mesh).

Before I run this tests, I want to say something, I don’t recommend anyone to do this, unless you know what you are doing, each sl viewer has a different way of render objects in Second Life or Opensim, they can load the same sculptures but each sl viewer have a very different way of rezz and sometimes if you change so frequently of sl viewer then it can make some sculptures look different or even deforme them.

Anyone is responsible of their acts. I speak in my own experience and I have lost some sculpts (freebies) just chaning so many times different viewers when I made some test (that’s why I only run Phoenix when I want to have fun or build things on metaverse).   I just suggest you to run your favorite sl viewer always and not to change of different sl viewers so many times!, look what happened (read below this post) to my sculpt head when I change so many time of sl viewers. 

I got many demos and some freebie mesh objects (avatars, clothes, etc….) as possible but most of them came with the word “Demo”, so I just choosed very complete detailed mesh, which is a freebie, it is a “Superhero” Custom to make all my test. Anyway here are the other mesh objects, so you can judge by yourself, if this looks good or not:

– One pair of boots:

– A “Superhero” and a “Stealht” customs:

and The last mesh object, A Shirt :

Here is how  “The SuperHero” custom looks like on Phoenix 1.60:

Now is how he looks like with Singularity:

But as an observation,  look what happened to my head sculpt when I logging in Singularity viewer:

It seems that Singularity have some bug that don’t rezz some sculpts objects very well and make them to look it like a small ball, I had the same problem before with Firestorm, if I log on to Phoneix 1.60 the head look just fine:

Finally Firestorm:

Logging into Firestorm took  more time than Singularity and also I had the same problem as before it rezz my head like a ball but there is something different, the mesh object looks a little bit better, the shadows and the light looks pretty well!.

As I final comment, each viewer has its strength and its weakness, all of them show a impressive mesh objects but some just fail loading my sculpt prim. I don’t know what could happened, may be it is a bug that it is still present on Singularity or Firestom, it is possible that I would report this to each viewer developer and they can take a look what happened. I would like next time to make the same test but in a different grid and I am speaking about OpenSim.