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Resident: “I Will Report Everybody, Because You are Fxxxxts!”

Well, This is one of these days when you can meet some of this newbies, just making noise and wasting their time. Sometimes I ask myself why some people come inworld and they began to make noise and try to bother or interrupt other resident’s enjoyment ?. This is  so stupid, retard and only an idiot can do that. May be these people can’tshow their anger on the streets because the police can put them on jail ?. I decided to have a little talk with this resident because he was saying  “I will report everybody because you are fxxxxts”. By the way I have a  strong speaking with him (may be his mother needs to wash his mouth with a big soap)and it seems to me that he has a really bad english:

xpontaneus combustion: hi hello

Resident: wtf you want

xpontaneus combustion: I just want to know why you will report residents ?

xpontaneus combustion: so we are fxxxxts ?

Resident: ye

xpontaneus combustion: but why ?

xpontaneus combustion: may be you are the fxxxxt ?

Resident: your fly eyes

xpontaneus combustion: nice, do you like them ?

Resident: no there homosexual

xpontaneus combustion: here I don’t know if there is a homosexual but I respect other people’s sex

Resident: tolerance is gay

xpontaneus combustion: who is tolerance ?

Resident: your retarded

xpontaneus combustion: I don’t see any avatar with that name in here

Resident: are you from another country

xpontaneus combustion: may be and you ?

Resident: stfu

xpontaneus combustion: I am from planet earth but it seems that you are for another planet

Resident: k

Resident: fxxck off now

xpontaneus combustion: what language don’t you have something better to say ?

Resident: nope

xpontaneus combustion: just comming here and make noise doesnt’ make you better

Resident: yes it does now gtfo

xpontaneus combustion: then do something good for you like chat with another residents

xpontaneus combustion: just screaming you don’t do something possitive

Resident: i am

Resident: shuuuuuut uuuuup

xpontaneus combustion: shut up ? why you don’t shut down ?

xpontaneus combustion: with that gun you can’t shoot up.

xpontaneus combustion: you are just wasting time

xpontaneus combustion: don’t you have something better to do ?

Resident: are you serious go away

xpontaneus combustion: yes I am serious but not an xsshxle like you

xpontaneus combustion: you are just comming here and making noise where nobody is not listen to you

xpontaneus combustion: do something posstive, chat with people, learn how to build and don’t make noise

xpontaneus combustion: just making noise you are wasting time

Resident: i didnt even read that

xpontaneus combustion: sorry I don’t have time to deal with xsshxle like you bye!

You have muted this resident. Sending a message will automatically unmute them

I think that I can understand the angry of this kind of residents. In some cases when someone is a newbie, they do something or try to be funny, they can be reported to lindens inmediately (and in some cases their account is banned or even deleted). I always try to speak to this avatars before report them, just because making a Abuse Report is the last option I would use (Just think one time, would you like to lost your account or be banned for something stupid that you did ?).