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Speaking in English to a French Avatar :(

When you are comming to the metaverse, there are some great advantages like building, scripting, etc….  but one of the things that can be a great issue is when you meet a resident from another country, who doesn’t speak nothing of english.  It can be better if you have a translator but you can use on public chat while it cannot be used in private chat. I met this avatar in Korea who was trying to speak to me by IM:

This is a newbie French Avatar who was trying to speak with me in using french!, while I was trying to speak in english!

Here is our private and “interesting” speaking in private chat:

French Resident: salut

Xpontaneus Combustion: what ?

French Resident: ca va

Xpontaneus Combustion: what ?

Xpontaneus Combustion: I cannot understand!

Xpontaneus Combustion: Sorry I cannot understand what did you say ?

French Resident: now

French Resident: aye dont spik england

Xpontaneus Combustion: I speak english yes but not other language

French Resident: yeh

Xpontaneus Combustion: but do you speak english ?

French Resident: now

Xpontaneus Combustion: sorry I cannot understand you

French Resident: ok

Xpontaneus Combustion: but what do you want ?

French Resident: aye woche that

Xpontaneus Combustion: do you speak french or catalan ?

French Resident: french

Xpontaneus Combustion: ah ok that’s it

Xpontaneus Combustion: so you need to try a french sim

French Resident: way

Xpontaneus Combustion: ?????

Xpontaneus Combustion: so you wanna to spend your time in here where nobody can understand you ?

French Resident: baye aplotar

Xpontaneus Combustion: ?????

Xpontaneus Combustion: sorry I cannot understand you!

French Resident: ok

This is one of the things that can be a little dissapointed, when you cannot understand someone who doesn’t speak your same tongue, There are some cool translators in SL  which are very usefull when you are meeting someone who speak another language (but remember you need to use public chat and translators aren’t perfect). It could be useful near the future that some translators could be integrated inside of the IM chat.


This is a Game not Real Life, so Don’t put your Feelings on It

I want to dedicate this post to a friend of mine, someone I know for a long time and Recently she got hurt (I take care of my SL Friends). But also I would like to show to somebody else that I am not “Cold and Hard Hatred”. I always avoid  to have a relationship or a couple in The Metaverse, this is not the best way to find a partner, so many people just get disapointed with others who don’t are concious that behind any avatar there are feelings that can be broken.

But why I have this behaviour ?, in my own opinion this in an illusion or a dream that you can find something (but you get nothing) and living an illusion on the metaverse then I prefer to the Real World. Some Residents come here just for fun and sometimes they don’t get this so serious while other Residents take this game serious like Real Life.

There are exceptions and yes, friend of mine found her love (even they got married on Real Life) inworld and that’s nice but it takes time and it is not easy like making friends. Always, you have to be careful and you need to know the person (and make sure that it is a woman or a man on RL) very well, before to do something really serious like engage.

It make me smile when I see some new resident (newbies) who comes here and  ask: “Who wanna be my partner or who want to get married with me?”. This doesn’t make sense, think about it would you go out to the streets and would you tell to people the same thing?, if you do that then people will think that you are crazy (and in metaverse residents will think the same way).

One time I met a Avatar Woman (I supposed she was) that sent to me a IM asking to meet in another chat program. The first answer I just gave to her is that I never trust to people at first time, and the second answer was to choose another way to find a partnet, the internet is not safe for it.

For those who are on the metaverse looking for love or a partner, nothing can’t be compared like in Real Life. Real Love is  manythings , the most important is physical contact (i mean a hug, a kiss and affection) and to have that person near you. Love behind a Computer is like a watching a movie, it is a illusion and a dream. So just remember, this is a game so don’t put your feelings on it (maybe someone can hurt you).

This time I was speaking with a Vampire, there is not something wrong to talk to any one on the metaverse but, for me I avoid to have partners on the metaverse because I prefer to have a real life partner not a virtual one.